MARIS OMEGA-3: The tasty solution

Sufficient omega-3 intake is essential for a healthy cardiovascular and nervous system. MARIS OMEGA-3 ingredients offer great opportunities for developing tasty foods. Fresh, stable and 100% neutral in taste, MARIS OMEGA-3 oils, powders and emulsions are key to the success of many brand foods already. Learn more about omega-3 and how to get your product ready for today's health-conscious consumer.

Why do we need omega-3?
The human body cannot produce EPA/DHA omega-3, so it must be supplied by food. Why do we need it and how does it work?
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Health claims and RDIs
Legislation is under review in Europe and the US; new health claims have been approved. What does this mean for omega-3's market potential and marketing?
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Omega-3 for food
New omega-3 ingredients allow almost any food to be fortified. Researchers predict strong growth, so be part of the omega-3 success story!
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Omega-3 for supplements
Enrich your supplement portfolio with the perfect ingredients for dosage forms like soft gels, chewables, liquids, emulsions and powders.
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